At the beginning of this week, after talking to my trainer, I decided not to compete in August but rather to wait until November. It was like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders, no pun intended. I did not realise just how intensely stressed I had been knowing that I had a lot of work to do in a mere four or five weeks. Once again I found myself getting excited about the prospect of being in the gym and challenging my body in new ways.

Since the competition I have found myself having to make many adjustments to my workouts as well as my diet. For a while it was hard to get my focus back. It was like I had been completely drained after the first competition. Some of the things that I have had to really work on and change are surrounding my diet and supplements. Especially as a vegan I have had to really make sure that I get enough protein in my diet. For my body weight and for the muscle building that I am currently doing a daily intake of 105g of protein is necessary. It has taken some creativity to fit it all in between working, music and a life.

Kicking and screaming I have finally added supplements into my regimen taking l-Acetyl Cartinine, Glucosimine/MSM, Iron, Magnesium and creatine. I realised that I had to build a lot more muscle if I wanted to truly stand a chance in the competitions. It has been hard not to overindulge on sweets since my mind knows that the next competition is about 16 weeks out. Slowly but surely the additions of supplements and muscle building workouts have become a routine again.

To keep me from getting bored my trainer and some of the other trainers in the gym who have watched me work out have showed me some really challenging but awesome body weight and balance exercises that has created new exciting goals for me. I started balancing with both hands on medicine balls each and my feet on one medicine ball and holding it for a minute. The next step will be push-ups and then pike ups. I have also been practicing balancing on one medicine ball and squatting. Finally my abs have shown that they are being worked out by making it almost impossible for me to lift my legs. My trainer is making a video of some of the challenging exercises I am doing and we will post the montage soon.

It feels good to be focused again. Every athlete goes through periods of time when energy and focus lags. Once again, it is in those moments that doing it matters most.


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