Everyone woman wants a toned, round bum with toned legs. However, leg muscles are large and can take a while to build. Even though I love lifting heavy, especially pushing myself to squat as heavy as I can and doing heavy leg press, I have the tendency to get bored with the same kind of exercise all the time. In my quest to continue building a well-shaped lower region for competitions and also because it feels good to look good, I have become interested in combining balance and weight to workout my legs and also keep me excited to workout.

Hamstrings are very important for bikini bodybuilding competitors as it gives that wonderful muscular shape in the back pose, making the glutes pop. Deadlifts are wonderful for hamstrings but since my hands are rather small going heavy is sometimes a challenge since my grip can slip. I do use straps to aid in the grip but have found myself drawn to the challenge of finding other hamstring isolating exercises that I can do that does not necessarily involve heavy weight but still produces similar results.

I found a variation of the following hamstring exercise on instagram and have been playing with making it more challenging ever since.

Form is incredibly important to prevent injury and also engage muscles efficiently. While doing this exercise focus on making sure the hamstring stays engaged from the beginning of the movement all the way through. Keep the glutes tight and the back arched slightly so that only the hamstrings are used. Start out using a support and only go as low as possible without losing form. Once you can go all the way to parallel and up, primarily using the hamstrings the support can be discarded. The ultimate goal is to do the exercise only using hamstrings.

In the few weeks I have been using this exercise I have noticed a significant improvement in the toning and strength of my hamstrings. If you enjoy changing up your workouts this is definitely an exercise to add to your leg routine.