Since I had never competed before preparation for my first competition seemed overwhelming. Besides working out and selecting an appropriate bikini there were so many other elements to consider.

For a few weeks before the competition I was debating whether to get someone to do my makeup and hair or to do it myself. In the end I decided to do it myself for two reasons – one, to save money, and two, so that I would look like myself. What this meant, however, was that I had to practice different looks since makeup needs to be stage makeup. I also had to practice putting on fake eyelashes without poking out my eye or looking like a clown. makeup makeup2

Another important component was working on a base tan so that the spray tan would not look orange. For about two months I gradually tanned so that I wouldn’t burn. The day before the competition I went to get a spray tan asking for double dark with extra legs. This was just the first step. After preregistration the day before the competition I added a layer of Jan Tana arena Hi-Def tan to make it even darker and then slept with long sleeved shirt and long pants in order not to make my sheets brown.

The competition is a long affair and so snacks are very important. I decided on vegan protein bars since they are not messy but packed with nutrients. vegan snacks

In order to get better definition I also took a water pill for five days. I used the Jetfuel one – it has all natural ingredients with no side effects. Unlike many competitors I did not stop drinking water. My goal was not to be completely dehydrated.

I also had to practice my posing. There are very specific poses that have to be mastered and all of them feel somewhat unnatural to the body. It took a lot of practice and after this competition it is going to require tweaking and more practice.

Much was learned from this competition. Now it is back to the gym to workout harder and get stronger!

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