Because protein is very important for muscle building I have to ensure that I eat enough of it in my diet. One of my favourite easy breakfast recipes is an easy muesli.

Take a 2lb┬ácontainer of Quaker’s Oats (or any other equivalent) and dump it into a storage container. To this add the following:

1-2 cups of raw peanuts

1-2 cups of raw pecan nuts

1 cup of raw cashews

1-2 cups of raw walnuts

1-2 cups of raw almond slivers

1 cup of sunflower or pumpkin seeds

1-2 cups of craisins

1-2 cups of currants (both the craisins and currants are for sweetness)

Mix it all together.

I usually eat one cup of the muesli served with either a cup of almond or soy milk. The whole meal adds up to between 40 and 45 grams of protein which is a good solid start to the day. Sometimes I’ll add some fresh fruit like blueberries or cranberries for variety.


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