Leg day can be quite daunting for many athletes as it is exhausting. It is also true that many people get hurt doing the very heavy squats and lifts associated with leg workouts due to a variety of factors, from bad form to knees wearing out over time. Personally I tend to get bored pretty quickly when I don’t challenge myself. Recently, I started creating challenging leg workouts using the bosu ball. The workout is a killer and really works the smaller muscles in the legs as well as the major ones.

Do the superset 2 or 3 times:

15 trx strap lunges on each leg

10 one-legged kettlebell lunges on each leg

10 one legged sit downs on each leg

10 weighted deadlifts on the bosu (I used 50lbs)

10 hamstring pull ins on the medicine ball on each leg

10 weighted squats on the bosu