the good bean

Finding delicious vegan snacks are not always as easy as other snacks to find. I am always keeping my eyes open for new products and fortunately there is a whole slew of companies creating new flavours. I recently discovered some new bars and other snacks that I have added to my pantry. As I am leaning down right now for my next competition I have to eat mostly dry protein. Garbanzo beans are one of my favourites. Since I am limited in the time I have available I like to grab easy to eat foods for my in between meals.

The Good Bean brand has fast become one of my favourites.  They come in a variety of flavours and besides the delicious taste, the beans also have the crunch factor. This is a hearty, filling, protein rich snack that is easy to eat. the good bean

Another of my favourite high protein snacks has been Seapoint Farm’s Dry Roasted Edamame. This brandalso has a variety of flavours available and has convenient smaller snack packs that have 13g of protein in each. I’m particularly fond of the Wasabi flavoured one since it adds some kick to the crunch.

A new snack bar I discovered on my last visit to the grocery store is Evo Hemp which is actually not only vegan but raw, non-GMO, gluten-free and Paleo friendly. There are a variety of flavours – I have tried the cashew cacao and the mango macadamia and both were outstanding.

Another new bar I tried was Mediterra and what was really interesting about this brand was that there are some savoury options. I loved the sundried tomato and basil one. I will definitely be trying the other flavours too.

 Of course the Amazing Grass Green Superfood bars have long been some of my favourites. Not all the bars in this series are vegan but there are a few that are and they are all delicious.

I’m looking forward to seeing all the new brands of delicious vegan bars and snacks coming out. It’s exciting to notice the market growing providing more options for the wholefoods, plant-based eater.

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