Medicine ball/TRX strap pikes

Challenging my body has always been a priority to me. I like to see what other athletes do and choose goals for myself physically, inspired by some of what I see in the gym and on social media sites. Recently balancing core exercises have been my passion. After being asked about how I do certain things I have decided to break down the process and show a step by step guide to how I have arrived at the core strength I am at right now.

Step one

The first step up from being able to do plank on the ground is to put your feet in trx straps and work towards being able to stay in a stable plank position for about a minute.

  • Once you have been able to achieve this goal you can start playing with different variations – piking up, pulling legs in towards the chest and push-ups.
Plank using trx straps

Plank using TRX straps

Step Two

  • Once you feel stable and comfortable with your feet in the TRX straps you can step it up.
  • Now add an upside down bosu ball with your feet in the TRX straps.
  • Start with a simple plank and once you feel stable enough you can once again do variations – push-ups, pulling knees to chest and pikes.
    Bsou ball and TRX strap planks

    Bsou ball and TRX strap planks

    Step Three

  • You are well on your way to amazing core strength as well as very awesome looking balancing exercises.
  • The next level up is adding medicine balls of any size.
  • Place your hands on the medicine balls and your feet in the TRX straps and start in the plank position.
  • Once your balance is good you can add variations such as push-ups, pikes and knee-ins.
    Medicine ball/TRX strap pikes

    Medicine ball/TRX strap pikes

    Step Four

  • After you feel that you have sufficient balance and strength using the straps and medicine balls you can now graduate.
  • The next level is to add a third medicine ball to your feet instead of TRX straps.
  • Start out by working on maintaining balance in a plank position working up to a minute. Keep your core tight – glutes tight looking forward.
  • After achieving plank balance variations can now be added – push-ups, pikes and knee-ins.
    Medicine ball pike

    Medicine ball pike

    plank medicine ball 2



Step Five

I am currently working on one-legged medicine ball planks and push-ups. My ultimate goals are to be able to do push-ups with my foot on a medicine ball and both hands on another medicine ball, as well as adding a fourth medicine ball and being able to move each limb separately and ‘crawl’ around the room.

One legged medicine ball plank

One-legged medicine ball plank

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