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Being involved in health and the gym industry I am often faced with the misconception that being vegetarian or vegan robs you of protein rich food sources and thus makes it really hard to get results at gym. I thought it would be interesting to list a few completely vegan food sources and how much protein they contain compared to beef, chicken and fish.

Below are listed how many grams of each 100g of (typical) food source is protein. Please note these values may vary slightly from source to source:

Turkey breast – 29g
Beef (lean meat) – 26g
Chicken (breast baked) – 25g
Fish – 19g

Cheddar cheese – 25g
Egg Yolk – 16g
Egg – 13g (one egg is about 6g)
Cottage cheese – 11g
Yoghurt (Greek, non-fat) – 10g
Milk (1% fat) – 3.4g

Spirulina – 65g
Hemp – 37g
Soy beans – 36g
Pumpkin seeds – 33g
Mozzerella cheese – 28g
Lentils – 26g
Peanut butter – 25g
Peanuts – 24g
Almonds – 21g
Pistachio nuts – 20g
Chick peas – 19g
Flaxseed – 18g
Oats – 17g
Chia seeds – 14g
Tofu – 8g
Quinoa – 4.4g
Baked beans – 6g
Green peas – 5g
Alfalfa sprouts – 4g
Spinach/parsley – 3g
Banana – 1.1g

Other vegan sources (per cup):
French beans – 13g
Boiled peas – 9g

So for those who are vegan/vegetarian or who are trying to cut down on meat and/or animal product intake, there are a number of interesting alternatives that also come with far less body acidity.


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